Slidetown recently partnered with Xactly to design all the breakout session presentations for the largest conference in the company's history.  Xactly, the leading provider of cloud-based incentive compensation solutions, had scheduled its annual customer conference in San Francisco at the iconic Hyatt Embarcadero and needed to ensure that all break-out presentations would be well designed and on brand.

Event: Xactly Unleashed

Date: June 11-13, 2019

Location: Hyatt Embarcadero

Attendees: +1,000

xactly unleashed.png

Slidetown took on the 50+ presentations and delivered top quality results in a two week turn around.  The Slidetown team became the center of the project, gathering the draft slide decks and quickly turning them into beautiful and compelling presentations.  All the work was delivered in time for the conference and the over 1,000 guests experienced high-impact presentations delivered at every breakout session.

Mary Jo Rose,
Vice President of
Public Relations of Xactly Corporation

shared her thoughts after
the conference.

"Mediocrity isn't acceptable, especially if you want to convey a dynamic, vibrant
brand -- every detail matters.  To attract and retain customers, you have to go beyond doing what you've always done and think about their experience holistically.  People notice the typos, and remember the inconsistencies. Those kinds of mishaps make a lasting impression.

We knew that Xactly Unleashed was going to be the biggest and most impactful

event we ever had and we had to be impeccable. We have partnered with Danielle Daly from Rexi Media for over five years for our main stage presentations so we were confident that her new company Slidetown would be perfect for our 50+ breakout sessions.  These presentations needed to be both compelling and polished, and they were.

As a result, we had the best conference in Xactly's history. The professionalism

of all our presentations made a huge difference, and by outsourcing the fine details

of this work, we were able to focus on continuing to elevate our brand

and best serve our customers."