You can change your destiny in a single presentation. Or not!

“Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip?”


In this song, Eminem, a rapper, composer and music producer, show us the moment of a rap battle where the participants have just “one shot” to win. It’s all improvised and the one who can get more positive reactions from the audience wins.

This is a great metaphor for what happens in many situations in the corporate world where people try to convey an idea and get desired reactions from the audience. Also, this moment is like a battle, but against yourself. The main challenge is to control your emotions and be the best version of yourself.

In the television series Mad Men, Don Draper makes a presentation to sell a campaign for a device used for presentations, the slide carousel also called “The Wheel”. He had just one chance to sell his idea to Kodak’s executives.

Don sees the Kodak slide projector as a portable nostalgia generator, and he uses his own memories to sell it, from a story about his first job at a fur company to personal family photographs. This was a turning point for Don. From this moment the image of Don and the agency has changed. His destiny was in his hands and the result was a combination between a good story, well told. He was prepared to deliver the presentation of his life.

If you don’t perform well in a meeting, you cannot ask to have another one. Shot missed.

Different from the traditional advertising where you have many chances to influence your audiences.

The popular television program Shark Tank is another example where the “one shot” is clear and the destiny is really in place to those one that wants to convince the investors that their idea that the idea is worth it.

In certain way, every presentation is a “one shot” opportunity. But of course, some are most important than others. The trick is to understand that you are simply talking with your audience, sharing ideas. You are not selling anything, because the audience don’t want you to do that. You are having a conversation and giving them a gift. This gift is something that they don’t expect. Or even if they expect, you can deliver in a way they didn’t expect.

Remember that the audience will not remember what you say. They you remember what they thought about what you say. So, when you have just “one shot”, make this moment memorable, and your destiny, one presentation at a time will be a great story where you will be proud to tell someday for your kids, or anyone that is important to you.

A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something. Unknown author; often attributed to Plato