Co-Founder and Presentation Expert



PASSION: To help people achieve positive transformation.



Key Prior Professional Experience


  • Rexi Media, Founder and Content Creator

  • Adobe, Business Development

  • Raindance Communications, Sales

  • Shoreline Communications, Sales


Over a decade of experience improving the quality of presentations in the business world and has produced some 10,000 impactful presentations for organizations of all sizes in a broad array of market segments, particularly the technology space. Expertise built on foundation of working at leading high-tech sales companies in Silicon Valley and vital importance of enabling sales leaders to effectively tell their story in a compelling way. Honored as Sales Representative of the Year at Adobe. Created and promoted Presenter Pro, #1 iPhone business app in 2008.



Areas of Expertise


  • Business strategy

  • Marketing and communications 

  • Sales effectiveness

  • Presentation content/design



Client Collaboration


Experience working closely as a strategic resource with contacts ranging from senior-level marketing and sales management to departmental and event managers tasked with creating compelling presentations for a wide range of applications including conferences, webcasts, webinars, selling opportunities. Often serves as extension of marketing department, especially for major events and at busy times of the year.


Why Presentations Are Important


“In this day and age, people are overwhelmed with information coming at them from every direction. Technology enables us to do so much more in a day, or in an hour, and it is much harder to keep people’s attention. Quality presentations have never been a bigger game changer in business than right now.